NOAA seeks public input on marine noise – Bristol Bay Times

January 31st 11:52 am | Joseph Miller, Bristol Bay Times

As part of a new set of guidelines from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a request for public comment is being issued on the effects of human-made sounds on marine mammals in Alaska.

NOAA aims to discover more about how man-made sounds affect marine mammals in Alaska’s coastal regions. The research will be used to implement the new set of guidelines that inform and educate those working in the oil, gas and construction industries about the effects that loud machinery can have on several endangered marine mammals.

Marine mammals, such as seals, sea lions, dolphins and whales, rely on their hearing to survive. A mammal’s ability to pick up and register sounds is an invaluable skill when locating a mate, searching for food, and understanding their environments. Guidelines currently in place for restricting the noise output in certain areas register at two levels, called threshold shifts….

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