Sportsmen’s Heritage Act and Lead Shot

Recently, the AWA sent a message to Alaska’s Congressional Senator Mark Begich expressing our concern over the segment of the act (S.3525) which seeks to remove lead shot and weights from regulation. Given lead’s well-documented toxicity in the environment and its easy passage up the food chain including human consumption, this seems a most egregious action to protect the substance in such a way. Even more so when a suitable substitute, steel shot, has been available for quite some time.

On December 16th, the AWA was contacted by Sen. Begich via a phone call in which he said he had received our concerns and wanted to let us know the bill is presently “in limbo” as that specific aspect is being worked on by Sen. Boxer (CA). To what extent and effect, he did not say but at least it is being addressed.

We will continue to monitor this bill and will post any further news as it becomes available.

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