The Juneau wetlands/uplands battle is raging yet again

 A developer wants 46 acres of his property rezoned to industrial and commercial.  Many in the community consider it valuable upland, wetland, habitat, and viewscape land, iconic to Juneau and to Juneau’s visitors. 

The Honsinger Pond Fireweed Field - Photo by Mark Kelly

The Honsinger Pond Fireweed Field – Photo by Mark Kelly

There is a public hearing before the Juneau Planning Commission on this issue scheduled for November 26th, 2013, at 7:00 PM, in the Juneau Assembly Chambers. 

Your comments count!  Please take a fresh look at what this area means for living here, tourism, conservation – and write. The attachments on our issue page will help. Numbers count! So do the variations in your perspective and expertise!

You may e-mail comments to Beth McKibben at preferably by Friday noon, November 22nd, but not later than Tuesday noon November 26th. Attend the hearing at 7 PM November 26th in the Assembly Chambers.

For more information, map, history, and related documents see our Juneau Field of Fireweed Issue Page.