Why allowing ‘big bull moose derbies’ in Alaska is a flawed concept: Alaska Dispatch

by Rick Sinnott  February 26, 2014 in Alaska Dispatch

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Rep. Tammie Wilson, R-North Pole, and Rep. Eric Feige, R-Chickaloon, have sponsored a bill that would add “big bull moose derbies” to the existing list of games of chance and skill permitted by the Department of Revenue for fundraising purposes. House Bill 268 defines “big bull moose derby” as a contest in which prizes are awarded for harvesting a bull moose based on the size and spread of its antlers…

….But the idea has several inherent flaws. The foremost concern is that the derby and raffle participants are betting on the deaths of animals. I have no problem with sport hunting. I hunt moose. But the animals we kill deserve our respect. They don’t deserve to be pawns for our amusement in a contest many Native cultures would consider playing with one’s food.

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